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If you have recently purchased a property that you are looking to be renovated, we understand how many different things are on your mind. We know that you do not want to spend thousands of pounds on a renovation that does not improve the value of the property or turn it into the property you dreamnt of.

That is why we undergo projects of such importance under your ideas, design and vision, and is completed to the standards and requirements that you want. We make sure that we understand your vision and what your requirements and needs are before any planning begins. We will walk through every step with you to build a full understanding and a working relationship that suits your needs.

One of our favourite services that we provide is property renovations. We provide renovations for properties from homes to commercial buildings, and it has become something we are incredibly passionate about. We understand that it is not just real estate agents that would like to renovate homes, but also new buyers who have found the perfect home for themselves and would like to see it become the dream home for their families. There are also many successful businessmen that have found the perfect office or commercial properties that they would like to become the perfect workplace for them which we are also passionate about. We understand that as a business owner your office or commercial property is your livelihood, and we have made it our livelihood to return that property to its former glory under your vision. ​ 

If you are a commercial property owner and are looking to make renovations for existing or new renters, then we will ensure that the property will be suitable for the needs of that business under your tutelage.

We totally understand that you will have a specific plan in mind, just as we understand that the company or companies which will be renting your commercial space need to fit within their specific needs. RP Construction will ensure that those needs are met and the building is fit for purpose, and that the commercial property is as efficient as possible.

You may have recently purchased a property that you would like to renovate and then sell on for a higher value, we can provide tips and advice to help maximise any potential profits. These may include anything from decks and sidings, to new kitchens and windows that already exist on your property.

The addition of living spaces through basement, loft or garage conversions will can go a long way to increase your property value. However, most of this comes down to personal preference of the property owner which we will ensure ideas are suggested to your benefit. We also have access to designers and architects that can assist you every step of the way also.

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